Driving Innovation through Collaboration!

Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at SiberVet Solutions. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.

The SiberVet Team (Partnerships) can deliver complex technologies, Secure Solutions and Platforms to the Government and Commercial Sectors.  This Team also brings to the table their vast acquisition experience, to include Other Transaction Authority (OTA) efforts.

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Sales & Market Strategy 

Ensure success with Federal Market Capture by assisting organizations to establish the following:

  • Sales Processes

  • Capture Management

  • Pipeline Development

  • Forecasting

Simulation Environments

Provide Automated Secure Scalable Training, Test & Evaluation, and Simulation Environments via Open Source Cloud Technology Partners.

Secure Cloud Solutions

SiberVet through it's technology partnerships and understanding of the cyberspace can provide or assist organizations with the following capabilities:

  • True Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Data & Applications to the Edge

  • Training and Simulation Environments

  • Secure Software Supply Chains

  • DevSecOps

  • SIEM